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This salon is adorable! Emily is the best. She’s professional and efficient and makes me feel at ease.
I used to get waxed but sugaring is sooo much better.
Go see Emily!
— Elise C
This review is LONNNGGGG overdue, considering I’ve been a client of Emily’s for almost 4 years, and during that time, she has not only been a complete rock star of an esthetician, but has also turned into a dear friend. Prior to seeing her for the first time, I had actively avoided the guaranteed torture that was sure to come with having hairs ripped out of my body... until I just couldn’t take the pain and maintenance of shaving anymore. So I found Emily, and she immediately put me at ease and took away any awkwardness with which I had walked in (which is amazing, considering the only other females to ever see my ladybits had been my mother and my gyno). Four years later, I truly look FORWARD to my sugaring appointments because we get to chat and laugh and figure out what our next TV binges are going to be. Emily is a straight up rock star, and the most darling person on the planet. I adore her—and you will, too.
— Lauren H
Emily is a complete Rockstar when it comes to sugaring! Not only is she professional and very comfortable to be around, but she is REALLY great at her job, which explains her huge following.

I am new to having my hair ripped out, and I luckily had my first experience with wax, only so I can say with complete confidence that sugaring is

I highly recommend Emily and anyone on her team! These girls are experts at what they do, and that is what it is ALL about these days! Look no further for your sugaring needs!! :)
— Danielle R
Emily is the BEST at sugaring. I have been getting waxed for years, and decided to try sugaring since my skin is so sensitive. I am obsessed. It still hurts, but Emily is such a pro that she is fast and makes it as quick as possible. I have been seeing Emily almost one year and I wouldn’t imagine going elsewhere. Also, she is incredibly clean. Hair removal services can be dodgy at times, and Emily is one of the cleanest Estheticians I’ve seen. If you are interested in any sugaring, see Emily. You won’t be disappointed. :)
— Brittany H
I am coming up on my two-year anniversary with Sweet Cheeks Sugaring and I would never think of going anywhere else. Honestly, if I ever leave San Diego I will have to return every 4-6 weeks just to see Emily.

No one likes getting hair ripped from their body, but Emily is quick and efficient, making the entire process as painless as it could be. Before seeing Emily, I was a shaver with an occasional wax when I was feeling ambitious. Emily is always accommodating with my schedule, will try to squeeze me in last minute, and is always prompt when I show up.

Aside from being great at what she does, she is also an all around wonderful person who I look forward to seeing. If you can be genuinely thrilled to see a person who is about to rip hair from your body, I think it speaks plenty of who that person is and how great they are at their job.

To sum it all up, I could not imagine going anywhere else!
— Megan E
Emily is absolutely incredible! I’ve been going to her for sugaring for over 2 years now and after trying close to 10 other places all around Sand Diego, I can say she is hands down the best. Booking appointments is incredibly easy and she always makes sure to accommodate you as best as she can (if you’re like me and constantly double book yourself or have a super busy schedule). She’s calming, personable and rewards her loyal customers with a free service for every 5 you get! Highly recommend
— Alexandria H
I have been coming to Sweet Cheeks Sugaring for over 3 years now and well, there’s a reason I will always keep coming back. Going in to a new place for a brazillian can be awkward but did not feel anything remotely close to that my first time. Emily has always been professional but down to earth and comforting. The office is maintained very nicely and offer a variety of different products inside as well, facial care, make up, etc. From the ease of scheduling/rescheduling appointments, referring my friends over, asking questions about the sugaring technique, this is an overall beyond 5 stars, truly. I have sworn by sugaring to everyone BECAUSE of Emily. All on all, whether its for facials, sugaring, products, Emily as well as the other staff are very knowledgeable and kind.
— Jennifer G
I’ve been going to see Emily for the past year, and the only compliant I have - is that I wish I had found her sooner! My legs, and lady bits are so soft & hair free ! No stubble, or unsightly in grown hair here! I have very sensitive skin, and dark corse hair , so this is nothing short of a miracle. Sugaring is truly the most efficient, and yet gentlest way to remove hair - and Emily is the sugaring expert. She will tackle your Nether regions with precision , speed - and a gentle hand, all the while making you laugh with her witty charm.

Thank you Emily! The endless summer in San Diego, is much more enjoyable now that I’ve found you!!
— Krysten B
BEST SUGARING IN SAN DIEGO!! I love that i’m able to shoot her a text for booking! She is always super accommodating with scheduling and responds quickly. Im so glad I started consistently sugaring, I used to wax and had ingrown hairs...which is not cute living in a beach town. Emily’s been sugaring for me now for over a year and the results are amazing. My hair grows back less and less every time! I used to always dread going in for brazilians because it’s awkward but I find myself completely at ease with how pleasant & professional emily’s demeanor is. I send all my friends here and they are just as satisfied :)
— Jaine D
Sweet Cheeks Sugaring is THE BEST IN SAN DIEGO! I was skeptical on sugaring initially, but it beats the hell out of shaving and waxing and there really isn’t any comparison. I have now been seeing Emily for a little over a year on the recommendation of a friend and she’s the most fantastic every time. Super accommodating with appointments, she works quickly, as painless as hair removal goes and the best part is she makes you super comfortable. Emily is hands down the most awesome and I wouldn’t go to anyone else!
— Nina L