Why Sugaring?


What is “body sugaring?”

The skin care industry continues to become more health conscious and is promoting organic methods for healthier skin. Sugaring may seem like the newest trend but this natural alternative to tradional hair removal methods has a long steady history.

Body sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal originating from Egypt and dates back as far as 300 B.C. It is a hand held method using an organic sugar paste to gently remove unwanted hair and dead skin cells. This will result in a cleaner pull with smoother skin. Because the sugar removes the hair in the natural direction it grows, there is little to no resistance from the hair thus resulting in a less painful experience with longer lasting results!

Sweet Benefits of Body Sugaring:

Simply Natural, Simply Organic

*Sugar past is made with 100% organic ingredients. Lemon juice, sugar, and water are the

Safe, Gentle, effective, not tested on animals

*Sugar improves the skin with gentle exfoliation while removing unwanted hair.


*Sugar paste does not harbor bacteria and remains sanitary.


*Sugar paste is slightly above body temperature, making it a safe method on all delicate tissues and skin types

Less Painful

*Hair is removed in the direction of growth and only adheres to dead skin cells

More effective method of hair removal

*Sugar can remove hair in the early stages of the growth cycle (less than 1/4’’ in length) resulting in higher client satisfaction, with superior long lasting results